svEcCha narrates the struggle of an ordinary middle-class woman to obtain the most fundamental right of any responsible grown-up - freedom to choose how she leads her simple, everyday life. She breaks free of her parents control through a love marriage only to find that her caring husband is the new controller of her daily life. She fights to act independently and responsibly, taking care of her family as well as doing her part as a socially conscious member of the society. svEcCha is a ground-breaking novel that sheds light on social constructs that conspire to deny women the freedom to lead their lives on their own terms.

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Category: novel
Keywords: "feminism" "freedom"
Publisher: svEcChA pracuraNalu
First publication date: 1987-02

For more info, see PRISM compliant RDF at /works/sveccha/sveccha.rdf.

Responsibility that accompanies freedom is absent when not free ... We come to realize that irresponsibility implies slavery to something or the other

Those who take a look at the society, their identity in the society, their relationship with the society, the oppressive nature of those relationships and strive for answers tread the path to freedom

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