kannITi keraTAla vennela

kannITi keraTAla vennela is a fascinating review of Pune Film Institute's Film Appreciation course through the medium of a novel. Ofcourse, blended in are a few elevated discussions of man-woman relationships.

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Category: novel
Keywords: "film appreciation" "pune film institute" "feminism"
Publisher: svEcChA pracuraNalu
First publication date: 1988-03

For more info, see PRISM compliant RDF at /works/kkv/kkv.rdf.

It gradually dawns upon us that we are women. Amazing! men giving us 'those looks' as if we are not fellow humans, our need to tread with care - right from the age of ten to the time she gets married, how many myriad ways and experiences for a female child to learn that she's a woman! Many a time, it feels like it's all a man's world and it ain't ours. We need to lie low, as if we are living in a stranger's house. Every step we take needs forethought. Every word needs to be uttered with caution. We should smile with our lips stretched just the right amount - any excess would immediately turn the world over. It's boring to live life-long in a society that's not ours - should make this man's world a human's!

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