I'm a big fan of Volga's works and for a long time now, had this idea of putting up some of them for online reading. They're finally here! I look forward to the day when these works get sold in trains and buses. They need to reach common people more than anything else!

Technology behind this site

Here are some interesting technologies we put to use in building this site.

Scanning Techniques

I've described these in an article posted to saradaa, a mailing list dedicated to discussing technology related issues in the usage of telugu on computers.


All the resources on this website are described using PRISM, a standard adopted by the publishing industry for metadata. PRISM itself is based on Resource Description Format (RDF). The top-level description page for each resource is derived from the RDF using Saxon, a XSL processor. The Site Explorer is powered by RDFStore and RDQL queries.

Contact Info

You can reach me by e-mail at prasad@bhaavana.net

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