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Volga is a pioneer of telugu feminist literary movement. Her seminal contributions in the form of novels, short stories, essays, forewords and poems have provided the strength and vision for feminist movements in India. Any one of her works would be enough to dispel the popular misconception that Indian feminism is a straight copy out of the west. Indian society is very different from the western societies. It has its own long and distinct history. So are the problems of women and men in this society. These need a fresh and focussed look from someone within and Volga's works have contributed in a fundamental way towards this goal. "vyaktigatamU rAjakIyamE" summarizes the fresh perspective she has brought to gender debates.

Volga's works go far beyond what feminism is usually thought of. Her zeal for a world with better human relationships is visible in every single work of hers. Her works are thus not just for feminist ideologues. They are for everyone!


It is very important that these works get the maximum readership possible and hence this attempt to publish them on the web with the kind permission of Volga.

You can redistribute them without permission among your friends and family in electronic and printed forms. You cannot however republish them in any form without prior explicit permission from Volga.

This copyright notice does not apply to translations and other materials linked here. Information on these can be obtained from the web sites that host them.


Forewords are probably the piece de resistance of Volga's works. They are extremely analytical and provide the best descriptions of her vision. The following forewords are available online.

Short Stories





Should make this man's world a human's!

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  • VolgA's short story, samAgamaM plublished in AndhrajyOthy.
  • Found a few readings of Volga's works, in her own voice at the the Library of Congress website.
  • Kalpana Rentaala's review of "bhinna saMdarbhAlu", Volga's latest short-story collection, published in Vaarta's Sunday Edition dated December 16, 2001.
  • The site is now searchable from Google.
  • The site is now public! Look out for announcements in various forums.
  • Added pictures of Sitaramayya and Ramana.
  • Added Volga's bio.

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